Oxballs Milkbone Gag


Want a gag that will make your sub sit up and beg? The Oxballs Milkbone Gag is a tasty treat all dogs and puppies love. It’s just perfect for plugging up your pup’s pie-hole. This bone shaped hollow gag features a removable and interchangeable mouthpiece shaped just like a dog’s tongue. Your pup will be in a never ending pant and their uncontrollable drool dripping from the tip only adds to the experience.

The gag and the face plate are both made from body safe silicone material so your Milkbone Gag is boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe. The mouthpiece is soft and squishable so your subbie can bite down as hard as they please but their mouth will still remain open for business. Plus, the head strap is fully adjustable with a buckle at the back. Now you can use their permanently open mouth to introduce whatever you like.